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As one of the leading estate planning law firms in the San Fernando Valley, we get to know our clients and their families intimately before beginning work on their estate plans and tax planning. We believe that by knowing more about our clients, we can provide them with better advice and an effective plan.

We want to ensure that the work we do is coordinated with our clients’ other advisors. We talk to our clients about non-legal estate planning matters, such as life insurance, retirement planning, long-term care insurance, and placing their real estate into entities for asset protection purposes. With the clients’ permission, we will contact their other advisors for assistance with these matters. We understand that our work may not be properly implemented without the protection the other advisors can provide the client.

Areas of Practice

Our expertise extends beyond merely preparing documents. We are more concerned about our clients’ well-being than about doing estate tax planning. We will not do tax planning for a client if it will put the client at risk, financially or psychologically.

We assist our clients with advanced estate tax planning in order to protect their families from estate and gift taxes. These techniques include, but are not limited to, heritage trusts, qualified personal residence trusts, sales to intentionally defective grantor trusts, gift tax planning, and tax planning for life insurance policies.

We have a proprietary program for meeting with our clients on an annual basis to see what changes have occurred in their lives and how they should change their estate plans. For instance, they may want to protect their children from creditors and spouses, change the trustees of the trust, or change the guardians for their minor children.

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